Most common Windows 11 problems and how to fix them

There were more than a few bugs when these versions were released. Luckily, these bugs are quickly identified and repaired in the next scheduled update. Most of these bugs have been dealt with, however there is an ongoing problem with memory leaks. File explorer windows have been taking extra RAM when opened, and then not releasing it when closed. Not everyone is having this problem, and it has been around since Windows 10.

Make sure you have a USB drive with at least 5.2GB of space. Just keep in mind that to get Windows 11, you’ll need to meet the system requirements. If you don’t, there are ways you can tweak your installation to get it working, but doing so can mean your PC won’t get updates from Microsoft. We advise checking the PC Health Check app to confirm your system works with Windows 11 before proceeding.

Open Files Straight from the Start Menu

Feel free to add your own reasons not to upgrade in the comments below. If your PC qualifies, upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 should be free, so the only potential roadblock is your fear of change. For this version of Windows, most notably the demand that your PC have a TPM 2.0 installed.

  • On my desktop this fall in fps didn’t happen when using Windows 10.
  • Well, you do have to spend quite a lot of time to install Windows 11 on Mac.
  • Here’s the whole process from start to finish in three easy steps.

But in Microsoft Windows 11, they’ve all been refreshed and updated, which is sure to please many users. Visually it looks great, but once you dig deeper, the issues begin to reveal themselves. Everything is centered, with your apps being displayed, followed by a ‘Recommended’ section.

Install Windows 11 without Internet

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Universities don’t want their students to upgrade to Windows 11 yet

Similarly, change the ContentType to Mainline and Ring to External. 5.Once the Registry Editor opens, select copy and paste HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost\UI\Selection in the address bar. You can also manually navigate to the Selection folder. 1.To start with, download the official Windows 11 ISO from here .

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