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Alejandro Almazan
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Born in 1973, I am a native of San Antonio, Bexar County Texas. Primary education includes graduation from Central Catholic High School in San Antonio in 1992. I graduated with honors in the top ten percent of my class, and nominated to the U.S.Merchant Marine and USN Academies in Annapolis Maryland. Despite my fathers fervent insistence and sound advice;and influenced by angst I did not pursue either offering. Struggling with work and school in the real world, I ended up embracing the Military by enlisting in the United States Air Force as a Medical Corpsman. I was honorably discharged after seven and a half years of service. During that time I transitioned from an Allied Health profession in a pediatric intensive care unit to a systems engineer designing building and installing campus networks all over the world. After my discharge, I transitioned to civilian life as a consultant in Cambridge Massachusetts on the east coast of the United States. Fast forward seventeen years later, I am still working in a similar role for a large healthcare system. I help maintain enterprise systems for all healthcare regions they service in the United States. Traditional college education has been sporadic, although I have taken numerous art appreciation and formal painting classes at my community college. My technique and style are purely my own but influenced by my father foremost, Jesse A Almazan. Art has always been a true love and passion for me throughout my life. My earliest dreams consist of pure vivid color intertwined and folding in a dancing embrace. My earliest childhood nostalgia still brings the pure joy felt through fingerpaint, as well as being in a careless rush to complete school work so I can spend the rest of my time making art. I paint and sketch in my spare time incessantly to this day. Acrylic,WaterColor, pastels and charcoal are my mediums of choice.