Anne-Laure Autin


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Anne-Laure Autin
About the author

Anne-Laure Autin is an emerging fine-art photographer whose empathetic imagery goes to the core of human connection. ??Her work is emotive and honest yet hopeful and has been exhibited internationally. She draws inspiration from her daily personal interactions, enraptured by the myriad of contrasting juxtapositions life offers us. She is particularly moved by womanhood with its rich intricacies and seemingly contradicting themes such as Strength and Vulnerability. Her search for beauty in authenticity makes her award-winning work both soulful and highly intimate. Preoccupied with the philosophical concept of Universal Truth as a teenager, she also found an undeniable aesthetic in the purest of sciences; she therefore studied Theoretical Mathematics and holds an MSc from the University of Leiden (NL). She embraces the duality of her fascination for Truth and her love of Human Nature – where no logic seems to prevail – by always seeking the deepest most candid and raw emotions in her subjects. Anne-Laure was born and raised in France and moved to the Netherlands when she was 13. She recently returned from a six years relocation in Western Canada with her British family and is based in the Netherlands again.