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About the author

Born in Bayonne, France (1988). STATEMENT Anais Dasse is a visual artist who creates and describes alternative and fictitious tableaux, picturing primitive children and young adults, as fake ethnographic material. She draws and paints very atmospheric arts, referring to the colonial and anthropological archives and pointing out contemporary America’s obsession for riffles and the representation of death. She describes herself as a documentalist of the Fake and an ethnographer of the Maybe. Anais’ first career was as a scientific illustrator, the documentation process and codes are ingrained in her artistic development, so is the museum display tradition. In systematic documentary descriptions, she highlights a link between scientific method and boarders cultural beliefs and imaginations. Her works are deeply rooted in the realities of American society. Genre 90’s-movies and american modernism literature nurtured her art, as much as social media and historical imagery. Immigrate from France to the Belt of God, an outsider treatment was given of the subject of gun representations, religious beliefs and civilization. She deconstructs colonial structures of power and questions hierarchies of genre of race by erasing and modifying these traditional visual distinctions. The scenes take place in her familiar landscapes, referring the artist’s fascination for the picturesque USA, the contemporary wild west. She projects her own fantasies on surrounding environments, giving life to feral kids tribes in Arkansas and Texas forests. Each production is part of the narrative, She playfully imagines things in the context of a larger fictional culture. Creating hierarchies of events, enticing the viewer into a narrative journey. Moreover, the project questions the legitimacy of representation and the production of knowledge.