Aurora Diaz


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Aurora Diaz
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Aurora Diaz was born on April 13th, 1969 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She relocated to New York City with her parents when she was a child and in this city she had her first taste of the arts. Aurora eventually returned to her native Dominican Republic and registered at Altos De Chavon, which is a well-known school of art. Aurora became the student of Mr. Guillo Perez a recognized art professor in the Dominican Republic. In 1991, she was introduced to the fashion world in which she rapidly acquired a directive position at Jorge Diep Atelier’s department of design, a position she kept for 8 years. Throughout those 8 years she also got involved in jewelry design as well as in graphic design. Aurora also took part in a group of young writers whose articles got published on the “corner of young writers” column in the newspaper named “Hoy”. In 2000 Aurora was the design director for “Ultima Moda” a company that produced collections of jewelry and accessories. She moved on to interior design and for the following 2 years she worked decorating display windows for Bavaro Barcelo. Aurora’s life has merged with art in every possible dimension. One of her many occupations included illustrating for “Rumbo” magazine, which was published by “El Diaro Libre”. She is also responsible for the first poster used by Gala Carnaval, a production that is now tradition. Provinces such as Puerto Plata, Rio San Juan, Santiago Rodriguez, La Vega, San Francisco De Macoris, Valverde Mao, Cotui, Bonao, Azua and Santiago are key players in the Carnival, which is a unique spectacle. Aurora also created the illustrations for the book “La noche pario una jinetera” written by Cuban writer Olga Consuegra ( She utilized her modeling abilities, (profession that introduced her to the fashion world and gave her a spot in it) by being the book’s cover model. In 2001 she produced, edited and hosted “CreaCasa” for Channel 5, Telemucro. The show was dedicated to interior designing, arts and crafts. One of Aurora’s latest achievements was a solo art exhibition named “Mas Alla Del Sol” which took place at Mesa Fine Art in the Dominican Republic.