Adrian Jesus Falcon


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Adrian Jesus Falcon
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Falcon Bio Adrián Jesús Falcón (1972) belongs to the first generation of Mexican-American artists. Committed to promote and support the Art, he also owns and manages The Falcon Art Gallery Texas in Del Rio, Texas. As an artist, his color sensitivity is grounded on the observation of indigenous cultures where exaltation of vivid colors such as red, green and yellow is one of their major features; but it also seeks to unveil how these colors impact on our perception, to evoke the dynamism and the energy of life. Resorting to confluent lines and colors to engrave simple and multifaceted shapes, he sculpts the space, creating an orchestrated swirling effect, driving the gazer to plunge into such a compelling and vibrating cosmos towards infinity. One of his best attributes is his creative sense of lines; through the interwoven play of their densities and their prismatic intersections, leading to the multiplication of the imaginary space, he is capable of giving life to the two-dimensional surface of a canvas, to make it become a three and almost four- dimensional world. The whole image, and each fragment in itself, invites us to a journey to the universe of the artist, which is at the same time intense and harmoniously peaceful, dense but joyfully expressive, explosive whereas purposely constructive … Being double the human size, Falcón’s paintings confront the whole body to be a part of them; one foot stays in this century while the other steps into his universe: an aestheticized dance of pictorial elements. The artist’s and spectator’s conception of space is linked to their epoch. In Renaissance, the artist’s vision was often limited to a single point perspective. The image was constructed according to the central place of a standing viewer, with middle point of view of converging lines towards a vanishing point. This construction depicted a single centered and frontal vision of the world. In Falcón’s abstract expressionism, intersecting lines and interchanging shapes open up the flat surface, freeing from the single centered vision and multiplying the standpoints. The twenty-first century is about information technology; networks, links, are constantly being created and have become part of everyday life. Nonetheless, despite this hyper-media environment, some contemporary painters hold firmly to the ancient tendency to regard the world from a central perspective, which does not reflect the life and experience of people of present day. Hence the importance of Adrián’s work, whose condensed forms fill the time and space of a canvas to provide an intense aesthetic impression, reflecting our current way of experiencing reality, and reminding us to visualize the invisible connections; secret and embedded formula to relate our being to this last century dynamical milieu. Cemren Altan. Art critic, historian, artist’s agent.