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alan fishman
About the author

Born and raised in New York City, Alan Fishman has been an artist for more than 40 years. He received a BFA from Cornell University, with further study and years of residence in Italy. His bright acrylic paintings are bold, direct, and filled with a distinctive vigorous energy. His work is assertive, even aggressive, but also playfully humorous and curiously innocent. With a love of color, texture, and form, and a rapt attention to and delight in the natural world, Fishman’s lyrical paintings are a clear reflection of his passions and pursuits. As Steven May wrote in a featured article in Portland Magazine in 2004, “Fishman traces his artistic roots mainly to Europe, citing as examples Klee, Matisse, Monet, and Picasso. And while his art may start with recognizable forms, it reflects his interest in light, movement, color, and abstraction. With acrylics pulsing with color and motion, Fishman seems right on target when he says that his ‘work is more about enjoying what you see rather than having to struggle to understand it’. A Professor Emeritus of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Fishman now lives with his family, in a converted barn in Belfast, Maine. Alan Fishman's works have been continually exhibited in group and solo exhibitions, and can be found in many collections nationwide.