Andrew Hellmund


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Andrew Hellmund
About the author

By reusing recycled metal and former industrial elements, I seek to transform the materials into new sculptures that foster community and highlight the many overlooked resources in our environment by bring people together in conversation. In rediscovering the value and worth in “found elements,” I can find new ways to utilize these resources while still maintaining and acknowledging recognizable elements from the objects’ former histories and uses. it is important to express movement from found materials, while expressing hope and upward motion. Which perhaps could help people to even start to relate the upward movement within the piece to their own dreams and freedom. Andrew Hellmund has been creating sculpture since he was a youngster, only recently (2010) going to welded steel sculptures. He received his B.A. from Hobart College, with Honors in Art. His work can be seen across the Northeast and in Michigan, with work in public and private collections just as far reaching.