Andrew Kuziak


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Andrew Kuziak
About the author

Andrew Kuziak was born in Danville, Pennsylvania and grew up on a 600 acre family farm. His mother was a ballerina involved in the arts, and both parents were quite supportive of his interest in the visual arts. In 1965 he earned a Landscape Architecture degree, and in 1967 his Architecture degree, both from Pennsylvania State University, at State College, Pennsylvania. Kuziak first showed his paintings in 1967 in State College where he started carrying a sketchbook with him constantly, drawing whatever caught his eye in spare moments. His regular sketching activity continues to this day. Over the course of his life, Kuziak had had several experiences that he calls ‘other-worldly’; moments in which he perceived the world around him in an extraordinary way. These experiences left an indelible effect on him, and he is driven to express his understanding of the world around him through his art. Painting is an inner necessity for him; it is his life’s work, his mode of expression. The aim in his art is to give his audience an opportunity to share his understanding of objects, and of time and space. To take them on a visual trip, a dance of colors, music, big notes, small notes, ever-changing. To see the painting on different scales, from human facial features to architectural shapes to landscapes with horizon lines. Ultimately, his wish for each is to be able to see the painting as not just three dimensional but four dimensional through time, simultaneously from different points of view, moving the viewer to a higher emotional state.