Ania Milo


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Ania Milo
About the author

Growing up in the most beautiful city of Eastern Europe, Krakow, until age 13, Ania was surrounded by the rich culture and fabulous art. Inspired by it, she felt there was something special she was meant to do in her lifetime, but it was not until Ania was in her 30’s that she found it – it is ART! Ania emerged onto the art scene in early 2010 and making her own unique style of art with her passionate, expressive and raw energy, she quickly found many admirers of her work. Milo’s art is transformative and transmutative as she uses her own multifaceted emotions to create works that reach to the depths of the souls of those who view them. Milo’s art is transformative, focusing on healing and personal growth and she hopes to deeply affect all those who view her work. Ania’s inspiration to paint comes from her emotional responses to world around her. She paints whenever her heart and soul call to her, either in distress or in overwhelming joy. And as the emotions pour out onto the canvas before her, she experiences a cleansing release and a feeling of deep satisfaction having shared a part of herself with the Universe. Ania not only paint abstracts, but also express her love and admiration for animals by creating unique, whimsical and delightful animal portraits. The connection with each and every animal she paints is evident in all her finished portraits. She infuses the animals with their own life-force and when you look into their eyes, you can see into their souls. Since 2010, Ania has exhibited in numerous galleries, shows and festivals. Her originals and reproductions are available through many artist websites and her paintings are in several Art and Photo books.