Andrea Monroe


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Andrea Monroe
About the author

Born in Chicago, IL, Andrea was influenced at an early age by an older sister who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her mother noted the talent and interest Andrea herself had and enrolled her for one semester where she happily won an Honorable Mention for a pastel rendering of a polkadot bug that traveled the world in a private exhibition. The obvious style in which she uses today was locked into place at an early age. Although Andrea as a young adult did not follow her sister's footsteps in the art world, she always worked in creative fields. She landed in Los Angeles in 1987, married, and had a child. It was then the fantasy world of polkadot creatures emerged again, only this time on furniture and children's accessories that she designed for her son and the kids market. It wasn't until 2003 that she painted on canvas and ironically titled the first piece The Release and Andrea's artist within her was released as well. The few years to follow, she spent time painting spiritual images with brilliant color and pattern, dubbing the series Byzantine Pop. It was after her rendition of The Last Supper with featuring past and present spiritual leaders seated at the table that she took a turn in her styling to a more tongue and cheek expression. Her LA series touches on the history of Los Angeles street names which juxtaposes black and white portraits of their namesakes against a contemporary blast of color and reference in the background. Andrea's paintings are filled with pattern that lend itself to a two-dimensional kind of texture bringing the viewer in closer inspect the detail and perspectives in which they were painted.