Anne Oshman


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Anne Oshman
About the author

Anne Oshman began her artistic career creating functional art pieces for sale through furniture retailers, boutiques and galleries. A life long gardener, she has always been creative. Her talent for decoration and love of gardening may well have come together leading to her discovery of the fine art of mosaic. The qualities that make her uniquely suited for the art of mosaics making are her extreme level of patience which allows her to capture details through the thoughtful and methodical placement of tesserae, and a gardeners eye for seeing the whole in the component parts. Although mosaic is often used as a formal decorative attribute of interior and exterior architecture, it also undoubtedly documents the culture that produced it. Oshman's compositions consist primarily of cropped figures with a focus on the positions of the figures and their surroundings. She painstakingly chooses these images from the vast array of images that barrage people in everyday life. Some come from her own photographs and assemblages as well. Oshman's mosaics, which also include sculpture and groundscapes, explore 21st century preoccupations. Her use of an ancient medium does not constrain her view of contemporary life. It was a fortuitous discovery of a New York studio run by European trained mosaicists that led Oshman to discover her passion .She studied mosaics art for one and one half years at the Unicorn Art Studio in New York City, and has an MA from Hunter College and a BS in elementary education from NYU. Oshman is a member of SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists), NAWA (National Association of Women Artists), Studio Montclair and the Guild. Her fine art collectors, sculptures, commissions and public art can be found throughout the United States. Oshman has lived in Montclair, New Jersey for 28 years with her husband, Ted. Together they have three grown children