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Alan Richards
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Statement My artwork is an extension of my inner feelings. It represents how I view events and people around me, things that I see that are ridiculous or inane, social trends and societal warped values, getting older, media hyperbole, and a whole host of other things irking or wonderful. My work is a mix of satirical pieces, pieces of individuals not communicating with each other, or other scenes of solitude or beauty. It's schizoid but it represents the feelings of this artist. I like the satirical pieces best because they portray the inner feelings I have in a humorous or whimsical way. Although the pieces are sometimes bizarre, it is my desire that viewers will appreciate the story, the message, and the humor. My work uses photographic image composites where I take many pictures, archive them, and when the inspiration occurs take pieces from many pictures and put them together into a cohesive image. I never really know when the inspiration will arrive. When it does arrive, however, I know it's there and the image takes form. As I noted above, my artwork is based on the world I see which often seems wildly absurd. Modern media hype, reality TV, and the state of Earth (natural and man-made) all influence all translate into my art. I continually seek out images that appear to me to be a bit askew. I am forever with my camera. So my art project is a continual work-in-progress. I never know which image will be next. I believe my art to be quite different from other works in the sense that my artwork tells stories. The pictures are not simple houses, puppies, landscapes, etc. The titles are integral parts of the work. I have two favorite artists, Edward Hopper and Rene Magritte. Hopper's works are beautiful in that there is subtle color with solitude and loneliness being an ongoing theme. Magritte presents colorful images which are surreal. I see my work falling somewhere between the two artists. I find that my artwork to the viewer seems to be an all-or-nothing experience. Either the viewer gets it or he/she does not. I tend to like the former better. All in all, I get great satisfaction from the process of creation and the ability to have my work seen by many people.