Andrew Robinson


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Andrew Robinson
About the author

My work uses an array of techniques in creating an image-object including collage, burning, painting, and drawing. The purpose of which is to discuss abstract issues of identity by visually recreating a similar conflict and sense of vulnerability. These concepts are manifested in the works' graphic composition and fine textures as they converse both harmonically and discordantly within the same vessel. Visually, some shapes may read closer but physically fall back. Each piece struggles to be viewed as an image and/or a sculpture and strains the laws of perspective. This reflects the schism between the physical, describable self and the metaphysical. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Cai Guo Xian, Lui-Shou Kwan, and Anselm Kiefer I continue to explore new media and techniques. Each work begins with a preliminary sketch, but ultimately are products of the evolving discussion between myself and each work as I react to it throughout its process until it reaches (what I would describe as) a soul. Although maintaining some formalism, the series expressively uses multimedia and collage. Processes symbolic of chance and control, expressive gesture and precise intent, interact as and with illusionistic form; the life and history of each piece mapped out in its image. Assumptions made out of general perception (such as perspective and weight) are denied belief, suspending the viewer in a tense yet saturated psycho-emotional state. These paintings vie to be viewed as both an object and an image. This is metaphoric of not only the tidal relationship between our own perceived and physical identities, but expressing the desire of the art itself to manifest and interact with us and our world. Recently I have been organizing these visually expressed ideas in series' as poems.