Azadeh Sahraeian


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Azadeh Sahraeian
About the author

Azadeh Sahraeian was born in Omidiyeh, Iran and got her M.A. in architecture from Azad university of Shiraz. Being influenced by the architect and philosopher, Christopher Alexander, her practice is more focused on the formation process rather than the form itself; hence, her designs represent the process of genesis and growth. Azadeh and her husband, Arash, have received several awards for their unique approach in architectural designs. Their works and papers have been published in many magazines including IKE conference in Los Vegas and Shiraz contemporary architects annual book. In 2012, while working for a prestigious architectural firm in Shiraz, Iran, she decided to examine her knowledge in a different medium, meticulous ink drawing on paper. Azadeh and her husband moved to the United States in 2013 and they are living in North Bethesda, Maryland.