Alison Spain


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Alison Spain
About the author

ARTIST STATEMENT: My images are generated from perceived and imagined landscapes as a way to explore the interaction between place/space, inhabitant(s) & moment(s). Particularly moved by the formal language of landscape, I am curious about what I might learn by paying attention and gathering clues as I wander alleyways and trails. How do external landscapes map internal spaces, and how does internal consciousness play itself out in the way we read the bark and grasses? Within the landscape exist infinite juxtapositions, orders, and relationships of rhythm, form, and light. I make work as a form of meditation, for momentary pleasure, momentary sadness, and lots of fleeting spaces in between. I like to collaborate. Hablo español y me gusta colaborar. Je parle un petit peu de français aussi et j'aime collaborer. Artist Bio: Alison Spain was born in Buffalo, New York in 1974. She grew up in the Washington, DC area and attended the MCPS Visual Art Center, where she studied under Oroon "...your darkest dark against your lightest light..." Barnes. In 1992, she moved west to Olympia, WA to attend The Evergreen State College. There she began working with the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, and was greatly influenced by a chance workshop with artist Marilyn Frasca. She received her MFA from Montana State University in 2004, where she worked with artists Sara Mast, Jay Schmidt and Harold Schlotzhauer. A year-long Fulbright Fellowship to Méxcio was instrumental in shaping her thoughts about making images and making a living.