Bonnie Carter


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Bonnie Carter
About the author

I am an experimental artist working on gessoed panel and canvas, as well as sealed watercolor paper and mylar. My methods include poured, dripped, and drizzled acrylic paint; sometimes I include acrylic ink, watercolor, watercolor crayons, pastels, charcoal powder, marble dust, collage or oil bar. Primarily I work with pours and glazes, using multiple layers to complete a painting. For me, the most important aspect of a painting is what it does not reveal; only what it can suggest. I rarely begin with a final image in mind, and often work on multiple pieces at one time. When one of the paintings reveals itself to me, I begin to refine and edit the piece and this process becomes part of my spiritual practice. Since each viewer brings their own interpretation from their personal experiences, my hope is to draw them into the painting, making them a participant in the creation. I have spent y life traveling worldwide and have lived in Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Colorado, and Georgia, always trying to see things with a fresh eye and being constantly inspired. currently, I live in the Atlanta area where I maintain a studio, and aboard a trawler my husband and I cruise, spending stretches of time in the subtropics as well as New England. I have occasionally taken a studio in other cities as we cruise, which provides me with new perspectives, so that the memories of what I have seen and experienced ultimately appear i my paintings. I have participated in juried shows and gallery exhibitions nationally and my artwork in private and corporate collections in the USA, Great Britain, China, and Taiwan.