Benjamin Entner


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Benjamin Entner
About the author

Benjamin Entner creates works that are the result of conceptual play and material experimentation. Entner’s work actively engages a viewer to intimately react and interact through the use of humour, wonder, and large physical presence. Entner writes, “When I work, I am very conscious of my viewer and, often, I want to make my viewers conscious of themselves. I try to accomplish this by creating a presence of an object or installation that interrupts or intervenes in a viewer’s passive viewing of a piece, and forces them to actively experience it.” Entner’s current body of work is exploring the boundaries and interplay between two and three dimensional methods of making. Specifically, the point at which a drawing can become form and an object can become representation. These works are made with a keen awareness to art historical precedents and are often a direct reference to or parody of the figurative work of Classical and Renaissance masters. Benjamin Entner is a graduate of Syracuse University's prestigious Sculpture Program. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree. His work has shown nationally and internationally. He was born in the plains of Western New York, and for a time was reared by wolves. He is a Taurus and enjoys longs walks with his dog, Taz. Entner is currently in-waiting for the MacArthur Genius Grant.