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Barry Feuerstein
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Artist Biography/Statement My path as an artist has followed an evolutionary process of creating and refining paintings and photographs. My journey parallels the evolution of the history of art for over 30,000 years, from early cave paintings through the major periods of Medieval, Renaissance, Impressionist, Cubist, and Abstract Expressionism, up to modern Contemporary Eclecticism. A common thread of primitive/modern concepts runs throughout my work. On a basic level the nature of Abstract Art consists of the application of color, texture, form and the interpretation of civilization’s collective experience, from prehistoric times up through the modern era. Abstract art is simply the highlighting of an intrinsic part of all art. A painting may appear to represent something tangible and “real,” but the nature of Abstract Art is to go beyond the real to depict an object as a combination of color, form and texture. All art is an abstraction, an illusion. Painting is a means of expression that utilizes a visual language, using symbols, colors and textures to elicit the reactions, thoughts and feelings of the viewer. My newest series are inspired by the themes of the universe, particle physics, mathematical principles, such as the Golden Section and Fibonacci Symbols, and Global Warming (i.e. Climate Change). I’ve used vibrant colors such as copper, cadmium red and cobalt blue, glazing with thin and thick layers to increase the physical and emotional intensity within the paintings. In the photographs I utilize the concept and techniques of honing in on nature or the subject to enter into an imaginary, mysterious universe. EDUCATION: MFA - Sculpture - City College, 1975 BA - Psychology - City College, 1972 WORKS IN THE PERMANENT COLLECTION: Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas... St. Mary’s College Museum Collection, St. Mary City, Maryland... Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria, Louisiana... SOLO EXHIBITIONS: Center/Institute for Spiritual Living & Learning... Midoma Gallery New York, NY... 27th Annual Rotational Art Exhibit Oyster Bay, NY... East Meadow Public Library East Meadow, NY... Syosset Public Library Syosset, NY... GROUP EXHIBITIONS: Visions of the Universe East Meadow Library... East Meadow Public Library Invitational Art Show... fotofoto gallery Annual National Photography Competition... Islip Art Museum – OpenCall... East Meadow Public Library Annual Juried Art Show: 1ST prize "Fibonacci Theory"... The Museum @ Guild Hall of East Hampton East Hampton, NY... The Drawing Center - Center for the Study and Exhibition of Drawings New York, NY... P.S. I - Institute for Art and Urban Resources, Inc. NYC... 12th Annual Juried Fine Art Exhibition Chelsea Art Center... Director’s Invitational @ Chelsea Art Center E Norwich, NY... East Meadow Public Library Annual Juried Art Show Award:Third prize for “Alchemist’s Manuscript”... New York University 80 Washington Square East Gallery,NYC 7th Annual Juried Competition... Linden Galleries 11 East 57th Street New York, NY... Federal Building, Courthouse & Immigration 26 Federal Plaza, Manhattan, NY... Arthur A. Haughton Gallery Cooper Union, Manhattan, NY... Pratt Institute Gallery, Brooklyn, NY... Newhouse Gallery Staten Island, NY... World Trade Center, Tower One, NY... College of Staten Island, Sunnyside Campus, NY... Battery Park, Fort Clinton, New York, NY... Butehowser Hall & Eisner Hall - The City College, NYC...