Barbara Goodsitt


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Barbara Goodsitt
About the author

Barbara Goodsitt was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in Milwaukee, Wi. She studied art and graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She has worked in scientific illustration for hospitals and universities. She is a published illustrator for the University of Michigan Press and others. Her freelance client list spans several industries including medical, educational, business, and nonprofit organizations in Madison, Boston, Seattle and Ann Arbor. Currently, Barbara exhibits her fine art in galleries and juried art shows. She also teaches adult art classes in southeast Michigan. Artists Statement: "I am a contemporary realist. As a professional illustrator, I carry the precision of illustration into my fine art. I enjoy exploring exciting ranges of color, texture and light. I like to present common objects such as food, still lifes, and animals in unusual and interesting ways. Each stroke is applied with the spirit of the subject matter in mind. Inspiration comes from the beauty and simplicity found in nature or things we encounter everyday, which can be overlooked in our hurried lives". Professional Memberships: The Colored Pencil Society of America Ann Arbor Women's Artists organization Womens Caucus for Art Education: Bachelors Degree in Fine Art with Honors from the University of Wisconsin. Professional Workshops: Jaclyn Wukela, Kristy Kutch, Cecile Baird, Linda Wesner