Bohdan Kukharskyy


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Bohdan Kukharskyy
About the author

My name is Bogdan Kukharskyi and I am an artist from Lviv, Ukraine. My artistic career has begun over 15 years ago. Now I am working with ceramic, wood, metal, making different accessories and pottery. I am also experimenting with different technics and materials Education: 2005-2008 - Wy?sza Szko?a Nauk Spo?ecznych w Lublinie (Poland). Faculty of sociology Exhibitions: 2016 - finalist of the contest Modern visual art named in honor of Natan Altman, Vinnytsia, Ukraine 2016 - exhibition "Global warming”, U.A.F - Unlimited Art Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine 2016 -solo show “Search for the classical elements”, IconaArt gallery, Lviv, Ukraine 2016 - solo show “Trajectory”, Art na mur gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine; “Sweet Art” gallery, Chernivtsi, Ukraine 2015-2016 - project “Ukraine exists”, New York, Chicago, New Jersey, USA 2015 - festival “Art naif”, Katowice, Poland 2015 –solo show “Sculptures and art objects”, Bunkermuz gallery, Ternopil 2014 – finalist of the contest "Modern visual art named in honor of Natan Altman", Vinnytsia, Ukraine 2014 – exhibition "Lovers of liberty" at Gogol fest, Kyiv, Ukraine 2014 – Ce-Glyna, contemporary ceramic festival, Kyiv, Ukraine 2014- exhibition "Citizen mysticism", Kyiv, Ukraine 2013 – Contemporary urban ceramic festival, Kyiv, Ukraine 2013 – exhibition "Looking at the Eventuality’s eyes", Lviv, Ukraine 2013 – exhibition "Dialogue", Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine 2013 – Opening of Western of Slava Frolova Group, Lviv, Ukraine 2013 – Opening of Southern wing of Slava Frolova Group, Odessa, Ukraine 2013 – exhibition "Private", Primus gallery, Lviv, Ukraine 2012 – exhibition "Art-therapy", Slyvka gallery , Lviv, Ukraine