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Brian Tepper
About the author

Brian Tepper is a Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist, New York Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, and holds a New Jersey Certification in Art K thru 12. He is currently working in the Jersey City Public School System with children ages 5 through 11. In addition, he has a Private Practice in New York and New Jersey. Brian is also a practicing artist, sculpting limestone, marble, clay, bronze, cement, and wood as well as other mediums. He has exhibited his art in several venues throughout New York City, Colorado, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. In addition, he participated in an International Sculpture symposium in Geochang, South Korea. Moreover, Brian has presented numerous workshops to other professionals at New York University, Art Educators of NJ, NJATA at Caldwell College, DVATA, The Jersey City Public School System, School of Visual Arts, Arkansas Board of Education and The American Art Therapy Association. Brian’s first experience in the creative process happened at a very young age and continues to be his passion today. Graduating from The School of Visual Arts in ’92 and then earning his Masters in Creative Arts Therapies from Pratt Institute in ’96, his path was set to work within that process and to help others complete their own creative journeys to health and happiness. Although he trained to work in a Forensic Unit at Bellevue Hospital, his professional journey took a turn towards the adolescent in-patient psychiatric unit. From that moment on his focus, love and passion has been to work with children and adolescents. Brian believes that the creative process and the act of making art is healing and life-enhancing, facilitating emotional and personal growth. In addition, the making of art builds community and breaks down the walls that divide us.