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Carol Chave
About the author

I began designing and weaving tapestries in Chicago, IL, in the 1970s. My weaving career was suspended for 20 years while I worked full time and raised my children; during this time I started designing and making quilts. My “Lower Manhattan, 9/11/01” quilt toured the US and Japan as a part of the September 11 Quilts Project. In 1999 I resumed weaving and have exhibited annually since 2001. Professionals such as Sarah Quinton, Curatorial Director, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, Stephen Haller, Stephen Haller Gallery, New York, David McFadden, Chief Curator, Museum of Art and Design, New York, and Ulysses Grant Dietz, Senior Curator, Newark Museum, NJ, have selected my work for exhibition. Inspiration for my tapestries comes from nature, political events, literature, art, work, and travel. The tragedy of September 11th inspired a tapestry (9.11.01), as did the war in Iraq (War (2003)). Artist, Josef Albers’ Homages to a Square led me to create five linked tapestries (After Albers) and a series of three individual tapestries (Red, Blue, and Yellow). In 2010 I completed the fourth and fifth in a series of tapestries evoking Wawayanda State Park, NJ, where I have hiked for many years (Wawayanda: Lookout Lake, Cabin Trail, Old Oak, Fungus, and Fungi). A trip to France in 2009 led to the Bordeaux series (Bordeaux: Church of St. Andre Cross, Saint Joan of Arc, and Garonne River). In 2008 I made a series of tapestries illustrating five short stories of Ryunosuke Akutagawa, a Japanese author who I first read after living in Tokyo as an exchange student (Akutagawa: Rashomon, Yam Gruel, Kesa & Morito, Mikan, and Dragon). Teaching movement, art and weaving in a family literacy program in Queens, NY, led to a series of tapestries (Family Literacy Program: Improvisational Movement with Scarves, Making a Mural, and Weaving Women at Tables). At present, I am at work on a series of tapestries inspired by views from the Highline, an elevated rails to trails park near my home in lower Manhattan. I work in wool on a horizontal Spanish style floor loom and on frame looms.