Chiara Enriquez


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Chiara Enriquez
About the author

Chiara Enriquez is an emerging artist from a large family with roots in Mexican and Native American heritage. Her primary source of inspiration for her digital pieces comes from her childhood experiences, dreams and the constantly changing definition of what it means to be “childlike”. She creates fabricated worlds for imaginary, neglected and strange children in effort to protect them from trauma. In the worlds she creates, the children are pure, beautiful and tough in a way that contradicts with the feelings of abused children. Ms. Enriquez has been dedicated to making art since childhood and is learning and perfecting her work still. She has shown in 2 group shows and has had her work published online, in private homes across the US and in Incite Journal Magazine. Her pieces are part of several public institutions, included but not limited to Potomac Falls High School and Dulles Town Center Mall. She has studied under artists Randy Edmonson, Lisa Johnson, and Lauren Rice to name a few. Her experience ranges from working as a Teacher Assistant to Grade School Art Classes and freelance commission work. She believes that art is an organic and unplanned process of vivid colour and storytelling and strives to create a world for her imaginary children to live in through any media, but most exclusively digital media and water colour. Her work is unrefined and unhindered, with no exact outcome, in this way her art is childlike in process and product. Her hopes in relation to her art are simple, to stop someone and just have them look for a little, to look at the child with fondness, curiosity or discovery, even if they keep on walking.