Cindi Gaudette


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Cindi Gaudette
About the author

As an artist I have always been intrigued by the human condition and indeed, many artists have influenced me. But I believe the strongest impact upon my art is the power of story. That is where the frailty, the strength, and power of emotion arise. Individual stories and the emotions attached to their personal histories hold my interest. In my art I attempt to address the emotions attached to issues of loss, memory, power and the abuse of power. I refer to my art making process as creating visual representations of emotion. I create these representations by using layers, simple forms, line, composition, and color to convey the tenuous idea of our complex emotional states. By placing a brush stroke onto the canvas, my process begins as a conversation with my materials to reveal the narrative of internal and external emotions. I am trying to create a visual language that speaks to the struggle that humanity shares in coming to terms with emotions that are rarely comfortable, often misunderstood, and too often labeled unacceptable. I want to make the intangible tangible.