Cindi Huss


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Cindi Huss
About the author

Rich color, strong contrast, and sculptural quilting characterize Cindi's work. Currently she designs and creates fiber reliefs and contemporary quilts and dyes and felts gorgeous fabric. Cindi creates quilts on commission, exhibits and teaches internationally, and she worked for several years as PR cooridinator, instructor, vendor, and exhibitor at the former Fiber Art Center in Amherst, MA. Currently her work hangs in the Up Against the Wall Gallery on Market Street in Kingsport. She offers small classes in her Kingsport studio and larger classes through quilt guilds and other organizations. A trained journalist, Cindi also writes for a variety of magazines including American Quilter and Quilting Arts. "Ah, fiber! I love to touch and pull and card and layer and sometimes spin gorgeous wool roving. I love the scream silk makes when you tear it and the way it flows underwater. I love the slosh of the dyebath, watching the patterns in newly dyed fabric appear as I iron them, the rhythm of quilting, the dance of thread across the fabric's surface, the small boom as a needle pops through stretched fabric, and the way each work takes on a life of its own. "Really I just love everything about what I do, except maybe cleaning up. It's sensory overload in the best possible way."