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Carol Leo
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Carol Leo enjoys the imagery of God's created world and her art is an expression of the beauty that she sees. Since picking up the paint brush again nine years ago after a long break, she has concentrated on watercolor painting and finds a never-ending source of inspiration in nature. The purity and strength of this water-based medium lends itself to an honest depiction of trees, animals, skies and water. Her theory is that living things are comprised primarily of water, therefore watercolor lends itself naturally to their replication on paper. Her goal is to receive clearer and clearer vision of the elements that produce the visual impact of scenes around her and to then convey those essentials on paper with increased freshness, insight and spontaneity. Carol majored in art for two years at the University of Maryland, College Park. Taking time off from art to raise her daughter, Carol reentered the art scene once her child went off to college. She still works full-time at a regular job, but considers free-lance art her second career. Carol has taken part in many workshops where she received instruction in watercolor from artists such as: Fritz Briggs, Robert Coe, Phil Metzger, Martha Hudson, Barbara Nuss, Margaret Martin, Margaret Kranking, Carolyn Gawarecki, Margaret Roseman, Nick Simmons. She grew up with a legacy of family artists, including her mother and aunt who were very active and successful portrait artists(and still do occasional children's portraits),an uncle who painted for a living, grandparents who had painted for a living and a great grandfather, Abbott H. Thayer who was a well-known American artist in the late 19th, early 20th century and is represented in art galleries including the American Art/Portrait Gallery and Freer Gallery in Washington, D.C. Carol is a signature member of The Baltimore Watercolor Society, the Washington Watercolor Association and a member of the Laurel Art Guild. Carol works from her home, but plein air painting is her main passion. As a Christian, she believes that God's glory is reflected in His creation. She sells paintings regularly, as well as note cards reproduced from the paintings and participates in many local art shows, both juried and non-juried.