Christina Lihan


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Christina Lihan
About the author

CHRISTINA LIHAN Artist Biography Christina Lihan is an artist creating architectural reliefs from cutting paper. Formally trained as an architect, she has turned her talents from the built form to sculpting paper into architecture. Her works are sculptural, three-dimensional reliefs of skyscrapers, cityscapes, historic buildings, and European and American landmarks. Ms. Lihan received her Bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Virginia and went on to get her Master’s in Architecture from Columbia University in N.Y.C. She has done architectural internships in London, Italy and Paris. Upon graduating from Columbia she received a fellowship to study in Czechoslovakia where she studied socialist housing. These buildings influenced the way Ms. Lihan looked at building facades, the repetitive, monotonous rhythm of hundreds of soviet-built housing “cities”. Moving to Paris for two years to work as an architect, she reveled in the wealth of historic architecture of the city. Through living in N.Y.C., London, Paris, San Francisco, Italy and South Florida, Ms. Lihan has gained an architecturally rich palette of experiences that influence her work. Her exhibits have been in Atlanta, the Wynwood Art District in Miami, New York City, Moscow, Shanghai and Tel Aviv. She is part of architects’ and private collections in Miami, Atlanta, Palm Beach, New York City, Washington D.C., London, Rome, Hong Kong and San Francisco.