Catherine Woods


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Catherine Woods
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Bio Catherine Woods of C Glass Studio, LLC has been creating artwork specifically for the public sector for over a decade. Her focus is work that responds to and transforms environments. She is a nationally recognized sculptor working primarily in architectural glass and metal with installations across the country. Many of her pieces incorporate a narrative element and are included in collections within the United States. Her award-winning work has been recognized by Americans for the Arts prestigious public art competition ‘Year in Review.' Statement My artwork takes many forms, from gateway sculptures, to suspended artworks, in-ground artworks, and temporary projects, each taking into consideration the personality of the community and honoring the architecture where they are sited. Introducing color, presence and scale to environments, my artwork often incorporates elements which resonate with the local populace. Elements such as abstracted images of community locations, color palettes specific to the area, or historical images from archived photos, stylized and rendered in glass, have been utilized in past works. I work in a variety of styles ranging from representational to abstract, employing a mix of ‘high tech’ and classic art materials, resulting in works with intelligence and heart.