Diana Diaz


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Diana Diaz
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I did what most did. In desperation went to college for something I did not dream to be. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Design from SVC and still I painted when I should have been on a computer. How was I supposed to know that people actually wanted to see the vast expanse of my mind layed out on canvas? I was born in 1981 to two Chilean immigrants who literally worked their asses off. My earliest memories are of my sister and brother taking care of me while my parents worked two jobs. They were born two years apart with me lagging behind by six years. They never left my side though I was much younger than them and even after my sister was diagnosed with Schizpophrenia we became even closer. There is a long line of artist in our family. From my grandmother, to my mother, to my siblings, to cousins I have around the world, to even my own children. We are all artist big and small. Young and old.