Dianna Cates Dunn


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Dianna Cates Dunn
About the author

Relationship is more than an optional experience to the human condition; it is its essence. On an internal level we continually seek a balance relationship between our mind, our body, and our spirit. What ever balance we do accomplish there is the platform from which we pursue any external relationships. By illuminating small emotions, intimate feelings, and forsaken yearnings my work strives to allow tender memories to be stirred and inner connection to be made. In allowing the inherent ability of a line, a shape, or a color to speak for a complexity that defies verbal expression, each painting becomes a visual treatise – or ‘voice’- that initiates communications and, hopefully, Relationship. So, now you know; a painting is one way I relate to and communicate with people. After all, isn't communication considered an art form? Whether luminous or muted in color, drawn with subtle or bold lines, something you easily recognize or an image that leaves you wondering; I want each work to talk to you, to intrigue you, to move some emotion with in you.