Darlene F. Rollins


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Darlene F. Rollins
About the author

Darlene F. Rollins began creating art at an early age which led to her entry into an Arts Magnet program in high school. While in the arts program Darlene explored numerous art genres and mediums. She didn’t select a single medium to specialize in as her greatest joy was expressing her creative energy using various artistic techniques. After a lengthy creative hiatus, Darlene returned to her artistic roots when she began creating abstract paintings using acrylic on canvas and board. Her first series of work reflects her expression of freedom from form using vibrant swirls, splashes and spatters of color dancing rhythmically across the canvas. Those paintings were likened to the works of the late, legendary American Abstract Expressionist, Jackson Pollock. A comparison that Darlene was honored to receive. Since then she has created three additional art series; “Styles and Textiles”, “Grass Roots” and most recently, “Unified Diversity”. Darlene has studied under Abstract Impressionist Larry Poons at the Art Students League of New York and has attended many workshops and seminars for artists. “I enjoy taking classes and attending artist workshops and seminars to learn new tools and techniques to perfect my skills and quality the quality of my work. It’s not my nature to be complacent or lack ambition. I believe that the sky is NOT the limit, I reach way beyond the stars.” ARTIST STATEMENT I have always been passionate about creativity and I have enjoyed the creative aspects of every area of life. I love music and always use it to set the vibe when I create. There’s something about the rhythms, motion, and colour of music that enhances my creative flow. My affinity for Abstract Art stems from my desire to freely express myself without borders or boundaries while creating a work that stimulates your senses. A picture of a single star on a piece of canvas reminds one person of Hollywood while another person is reminded of the galaxy. Within my paintings I create an opportunity for you to connect with what you see based on where you stand in life and how you process combinations of color, light, shapes and compositions. Although my art series consists of modern and expressionism abstract art using acrylic on canvas and board, I’ve also created ‘Representational’ paintings using both acrylic and oil on wood and canvas. As I am enjoying the freedom of diversity in expressing myself creatively, I anticipate exploring work in other creative mediums. The late great Abstract painter, Alma W. Thomas said it best when she stated:”… We can’t accept any barriers, any limitations of any kind, on what we create or how we do it.” In 2013 I expanded my visual artistry creations to include photography. The ways in which one can express their creativity is endless, and I will continue to remain open to allow the muse to explore and express the creativity that lives within me. I’m ready to paint and photograph the world Yellow, Purple and Red.