Danielle Shelley


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Danielle Shelley
About the author

I create geometric abstract paintings as well as monotypes and ink drawings in my studio near Santa Fe, New Mexico. I think of my work as colorful, handmade minimalism. My practice of art is enriched by an extremely varied background. After growing up in Texas and the San Francisco Bay Area, I worked or studied in places as different as upstate New York, West Africa, Los Angeles, London, and Berkeley. I also traveled widely in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Everywhere I went, I learned from art in its cultural context, whether in a Japanese temple or in the great museums of Europe. My experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana was particularly rich in influences: the geometric abstraction of African sculpture, the polyrhythms of West African music, and the color sensibility of modern African printed fabrics. Before becoming an artist, I received a B.A. in economics and history and an M.A. in African studies, did graduate work in Middle Eastern history at the University of London, and worked as a freelance writer, business librarian, and editor. I studied painting, drawing, and color theory in the Bay Area and began exhibiting in 1994. My award-winning work has been shown in more than 75 exhibits around the U.S.