Daniela Steinsapir


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Daniela Steinsapir
About the author

Daniela Steinsapir was born in Santiago, Chile in 1976. She studied photography at the Fine Arts Museum of Santiago and then multimedia art at the Institute of Higher Education in Paris. In 1998, she received her BA in Media Arts from the IACC in Santiago and in 2006, her MFA in experimental art from San Francisco State University. Before moving to the U.S., Steinsapir had her first solo exhibition in Santiago at the Stitchkin Art Academy in 2002 and a second in 2005, both of which were met with critical success. She has since established herself as an important figure in the emergence of new media in contemporary art. Steinsapir utilizes her extensive understanding of multimedia and experimental art as a means of engaging with the relationship between mass production, technology, and the psychological state of society. In her work she re-employs seemingly out-moded forms of mass production in new and different ways. Transforming the function of these objects both physically and conceptually, by anthropomorphizing the machine, she calls attention to one’s own mental processes. Her work destabilizes pre-conceived notions and evokes the discomfort of the unexpected, forcing the viewer to question the reality of perceptual experience, of material and culture.