Ethan Sherman Altshuler


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Ethan Sherman Altshuler
About the author

Ethan Altshuler has been recognized for his talent, beautiful paintings and sketches. In 2009, the “Artsonia.com” competition awarded Ethan one of the 100 finalist positions out of 5000 entrants. In 2010 Ethan was a finalist in the Aaron Brothers national contest “Coloring the Earth Green.” In 2013 he became involved with El Coyol school in Nicaragua where he donated art supplies and lessons to children who share the joy of doing art. Ethan’s art includes painting and mixed medium. He also enjoys building structures. He effortlessly draws in 3D perspective and can visualize objects from different angles. In an effort to share his art, Ethan has published a monthly newsletter and works with children’s charities in Los Angeles to raise money by donating his art. He has donated art to more than 20 charities. He donates a portion of the proceeds from any sales to his school and to the Help Group which is the largest non-profit of its kind in the United States serving children with special needs. Ethan is 16 years old and resides in Los Angeles, California with his parents and three beloved Labrador Retrievers, Panther, Cocoa and Riley. In addition to his artistic endeavors, Ethan enjoys Rock n’ Roll music, guitar/bass, computer animation, airplanes, building stuff, and riding roller coasters all over the world!