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Edward Lentsch
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Edward Lentsch Born 4 .14. 59 “There might be a whiff of German abstractionist Anselm Keifer’s grandiosity in Lentsch’s ambitious images, but his bravura gestures have an authentic individuality.” - The Star Tribune, Minneapolis A well established mid-career painter, EDWARD LENTSCH works his widely mixed media into organically textured canvas, exhibiting unique surfaces that reflect a contemplative element of both alchemy and spiritual introspection. The spiritual overtones of Lentsch’s painting are captured by his titles, where the use of mystical imagery and esoteric subjects inspire the imagination of the viewer. His painting process is as compelling as his technique, as Lentsch strives for what he refers to as a “dialog that redefines synectic reason…” (a concept first coined by 20th Century visionary inventor, Buckminster Fuller). In the book, Synectics; The Development of Creative Capacity, author William J.J. Gordon , defines synectics as a problem-solving approach that stimulates thought processes of which the subject is generally unaware. Gordon encapsulates this method as “Trusting things that are alien, and alienating things that are trusted." In Lentsch’s work, paintings are often paired with titles that attempt to explain this idea of synectic reason by connecting a vast matrix of complex relationships between science and mysticism; the metaphysical and the spiritual. Lentsch's technique of «Hot Pot Fusion» and mixed media while being structurally archival in nature, is also able to use this process for a new construct in painting while dancing in rythmic measure to a more vast matrix of intention. “My paintings are derived from a source of contemplation and fascination with the wonders of an awesome logic that exists in nature,” Lentsch explains in one of his many essays on the subject. For Lentsch, “as words define those things that are most important to our definition of self, art is the translation of those same but most important definitions.” Lentsch’s works are in both corporate and private collections all over the world including Japan, Israel, Belgium, France, British Colombia, and Madrid. Lentsch exhibits in Scottsdale, Boston, Los Angeles, West Palm Beach, Palm Desert, Chicago, Houston and Santa Fe. He will exhibit at OK Harris in New York, December of 2007. Lentsch is an artist, author, architectural builder, designer, inventor, and entrepreneur. He resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and works out of his studio located in Minneapolis’s Warehouse District. Lentsch is also the founder of Artist League Studios, a Minneapolis based think-tank/studio for emerging artists.