Edna Santiago


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Edna Santiago
About the author

Statement: I worked as a Physical Therapist x over 35 years, Currently returning to part time work as such and interested in continuing the arts and in assisting women and children find "their way" to experience life through painting and the arts. I have volunteered at children programs given by the Mainline Arts Center and Darlington Arts Center. What I paint: My favorite Artists are Klimt, Chagall, Cezanne, S. Goodman, Diebenkorn, Sargent, Prendergast, Modigliani . Life has challenges, colors and fluidity surrounding us, waiting to be noticed, captured. The images I create, offer me this opportunity, to savor it and help others experience this. I love color, movement and emotions, and I have also started focusing on stories and figurative painting. My goal is to be represented by a gallery; I am passionate about the arts and my focus is clear and straight in this direction. Education: Mostly self taught, I started in the arts taking lessons from local sources including the Mainline Night School, PAFA, and currently Fleisher Art Memorial