Eugenie Torgerson


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Eugenie Torgerson
About the author

Eugenie Torgerson’s career as an artist spans four decades and includes screenprints, pastels, mixed media/digital work, and artist’s books. She has exhibited at the Saint Louis Art Fair, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, the Outdoor Festival of the Bruce Museum, the Washington Craft Show, and the Smithsonian Craft Show. Her work is represented by Priscilla Juvelis Rare Books, Kelmscott Books, and Olson-Larsen Gallery. "My intention is to combine visual representation and lyric memoir within the structural language of book and paper. These sculptural objects contain my own pastel drawings and imagery generated from my own photographs. My subjects are the allure of the horizon, the power of the land, the experience of loss, and the nature of redemption.The work is about migration, displacement, settlement, and reconciliation."