Gregory Emvy


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Gregory Emvy
About the author

I stepped on the path of pursuing a career in art in my very early childhood. My grandfather was a talented artist, and seeing my apparent inherited talent and interest for painting, My parents sent me to an art school in Nizhnegorodsk, from which I graduated at the age of sixteen. Despite the fact that I was eventually persuaded against proceeding with further studies, at the age of twenty-four I decided to dedicate myself to painting full-time. Ultimately, the years of independent practice resulted in mine acquiring a very unique style and individual manner of painting. The main objects of the vast majority of my works are humans. I take a keen interest in behavioural expressions of persons who found themselves in a state of hardship and having to carry the burden of their severe misfortunes. In my works I strive to guise the inner world of people overwhelmed by their daily routine. Naturally, people find it easier to show their positive emotions rather than reveal the negative by baring their very consciousness and overcoming fear. While creating my works, I use the riot of colours to relay the drama of the situation, the time and people in the most sincere and open way. People say that my art is the new wave in Russian art and steps aways from politics in his works. I represent the new school and generation of Russian avant-garde that is highly in demand these days. I deliver true Russian emotions and soul in rich and deep colours trying to bring back more focus on the Russia's rich heritage with courage and variety. Mine exceptional technique of contrasting dark and light tones further enhance the severe mood of his paintings. Stylistically, I draw inspiration from primitivism and Parisian school of the 20s. My works are similar to those of Mashkov, Konchalovsky and Falk.