Ginger King


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Ginger King
About the author

A self-taught artist, I combine my lifelong attraction to abstract art with my unique approach to digital design. I see art in the basic shape and motion of everyday objects. Art exists in the simple lines and contours of text, and the complex meaning it can have for the reader. Combining these images with alternative printing mediums is my interpretation of digital fine art. Technically, to create a digital fine art print (aka a giclee), certain criteria must be met: very high dpi resolution, blend of 6 or more archival ink colors, and an original. Born and reared in Houston, TX, I have lived in London, Raleigh and Dallas. I have always been drawn to contemporary art, specifically abstract images saturated in vibrant colors and defined by shape and movement. As a college student in London, I was able to study art of all kinds and had the chance to create a bit too. Many years later, I have been given the opportunity to design art as I envision it.