Heidi Fancher


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Heidi Fancher
About the author

My work as an artist explores issues of racial, sexual, and cultural identity. I use historical records, photographs, films and my family narratives as my point of departure in these artistic explorations. I interpret the challenges and the history of what it means to be African-American, African-Caribbean and Haitian in contemporary western societies. I began exploring race, the African Diaspora and group identity in a photographic project about stereotypes. In this early body of work I explored the complex history of race and my own process of understanding my own identity though history, and race. I also explored the issue of the face of “otherness” created in our society through these images and how I could address them from historical and artistic standpoint. This early body of work set the stage for my present day practice and photographic work. My present day body of work about identity is informed by popular culture and the archive of images of Africans and Haitian people found in the collections of major museum’s and universities all over the world. Much of my current work is very informed by the contemporary discourses on race. It is though my lens and the practice of studio photography that I am able to deconstruct interpret and understand these compelling issues.