Ike Mbanefo


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Ike Mbanefo
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iKECHUKWU MBANEFO (IK) 1-213-568-7505 I am an emerging and devoted artist sculptor. I engage school pupils, artists, youths and communities to position art and culture as a social fabric of community life and development. I work to incubate projects that hold the promise of catalyzing innovation and creativity. Projects that are essentially pivotal to job creation for a sustainable life. I developed an acute passion for art at teen-age as I would often make rubber stamps by hand carving with razor blades on worn out rubber shoe soles. However, it is not until recently that I realized my skills and began a wood carving career in 2013. Indeed, my love for art and creativity is spiritual. I believe that art is life as nature with strong ties with culture. I approach the business of art through the online social media, schedule and unscheduled workshops, street sidewalk show, schools, parks, business centers, etc. It is a movement mired with robust idea to advocate the unique values and benefits of art and culture to the society. My work focuses on man’s natural surroundings. I try to depict a positive image of man persistence to create its own identity by using nothing to create something. The abilities of a man to think higher and higher is awesome, creative and innovative. It gives me a special sense of imagination to work with. I have not had a major exhibition. I am currently working on a major project coming to the galleries and museum in 2018. I graduated in Global Political Science at California State University Dominguez Hills in Carson. I am a self-taught artist with deep obsession for art.