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joseph arruda
About the author

I have been described as an open source geek, a policy wonk, and even a bit of a creative illustrator and painter. All are at least partially true I suppose. I’ve been called all manner of adjectives, most of them contrarian. I am a Silicon Valley native, and my academic and work history is a similar mix of the above: I have been a project manager in operations, a conceptual designer at a video game startup, and a staffer in a state level campaign among other things. As an artist, I vacillate between "high" and "low" art forms and themes at will. My work tends to incorporate analog and digital techniques into both representational portraiture and heavily textured abstracts, regardless of the nature of the finished composite. The desire is to work past the limitations of any set medium, and to leverage benefits and results of experimentation with any media that can be worked together towards a realized end; a sort of pursuit of accidents. My work is in private collections and has been shown at clubs, galleries and cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as in Los Angeles.