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A Brief History of (MY) Time By Joseph Baron Pravda www.angrysponge.com www.jbpravda.com jbpravda@angrysponge.com /407 230 4618 Born Brooklyn, NY, graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism, began a career in law in 1971, recruited at that university’s law school for service as a ‘kid’ lawyer with the Federal Government during Watergate, where he immediately ‘Felt’ something was amiss; later as lobbyist and private businessman. He has been a prolific writer in all genres, with an emphasis on short works, including micro-fiction/flash fiction as well as full length and One Act Plays (he often illustrates his own work via storyboarding, etc.; apropos this art-form, of late he is working on a new logo for UNESCO’s DREAM Centers, via www.design21sdn.com ). A 10 page excerpt from his play ‘Patsy’, involving a fated ‘reunion’ of JFK Jr. & the oldest daughter of Lee and Marina Oswald, won him a highly competitive place at the Kennedy Center last summer, with subsequent lifetime privileges at the annual Intensives featuring such literati as Marsha Norman, Steven Dietz, Lee Blessing, et. Al. A cancer survivor, now fully recovered and active as a ‘try’-athlete, he writes full time, having been published in ebook and other electronic media, as well as print; his diversity writing is featured exclusively by the Office of Diversity Initiatives, Office of the President, University of Central Florida website; he resides in New York & Florida. He is unsure as to why he has written this in the third person, as it eerily reminds him of an obituary, in which case he might be much more famous. MOST RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE ARTS: 1/June 2006-present: Diversity writing published via exclusive invitation by major university ; 2/July 2006: Chosen as 1 of 19 nationwide for KCPA Playwriting Intensives; 3/March 2007: Play 'Road Scholar' staged by www.teatrodelpueblo.org i its 6th Annual Political Theatre Festival; 4/August 2007: SavMo Productions & www.fullsail.com completed filming of my play 'Self Portrait with Giant Squid', a sendup of Warholian superficiality; 5/August 2008-present: Collaboration with award-winning French-American filmmaker Patrick Barry on various projects: www.bluellamastudios.com; 6/December 2008: Play 'Under the Pillow' selected for staging by San Franciso impresario Marin David; 7/December 2010-present: Collaboration on RejuveNationz Project with Dr. Roger D. Nelson, Ph.D.: noosphere.princeton.edu; 8/February 2011: Finalist, 20th Anniversary Commemorative Pin, Orlando International Fringe Festival'; 9/2011: Painting 'Contretemps' included in Lilly Oncology on Canvas biennial national touring exhibition; 10/January 2011: Disquisition on Judah P. Benjamin recommended for publication a la biography by distinguished award-winning Professor of History.