Joyce Conlon


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Joyce Conlon
About the author

As an adult who went to live with my adopted family around the age of one, I have begun to wonder whether I came to abstraction because much of what I have to convey is preverbal. In this never-ending experiment I apply acrylics, housepaint, and spray paint with brush, roller, or paint knife. I pour and spread paint onto disposable palette sheets and print the result onto the painting surface. I scrape, sand, buff, and burnish the surface. I create shapes using cut paper and found objects as stencils as well as painting freehand. I am forever building up and peeling back the layers of each painting’s history and creating a new narrative. This artist is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, educator, anthropologist, and curator. I have a husband, two children, two brothers, and two cats. I enjoy hiking, bicycling, swimming, music, and travel.