Julia Haack


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Julia Haack
About the author

Julia Haack is the recipient of three artist residencies, four art grants and one fellowship. She has had numerous solo shows and has been exhibiting regularly for over twenty years. She has an art degree from the University of New Hampshire, and has studied at six other schools around the country. My wood sculptures are visual notations, referencing interests in Asian textiles and non-traditional quilt-making, as well as abstract patterns derived from maps, the urban landscape, and architectural structures around the world. Combining these influences, I use repetitive and minimalist patterns with both raucous color and muted tones to build artworks uniquely expressive of my world view. Blending earth stewardship and frugality, I use salvaged wood whenever possible. The surfaces of my creations are assembled in the manner of wood inlay, and often built in multiple layers. Julia is originally from the East coast, but has lived in Seattle, WA since 1993.