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John Higdon
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I am 43, and have lived in Pensacola Florida since 1979, born in Pittsburgh Pa. I have pursued Photography artistically from the time I bought a camera for a dime when I was 10 years old in a flea market My preferred format is slide film ( 35 mm , usually Fuji or Kodak low speed, 50-100 or Agfa scalia B&W ) and 70 percent of my work or at least the basis of my work is from slide. Slide film is durable and very fine grain. I say basis due to the fact that I have begun to use manipulation and reworking the pictures in many ways from slight distortions to complete new works from layers of scanned slides and film. I have let go of the conservative mind frame lately, to allow myself to express my thoughts artistically or to even further explain what I felt or was feeling at the time I took the Photograph. All layers and all compositions are all original photography. I have 3 main topics of work, I have photographed Antarctica for 10 years and have a broad range of images. I do have several hundred icebergs and penguins but, Its such a diverse continent I try to show the little seen aspects of Antarctica like its coastline, science stations and animals being themselves. Also there is the Industry Photography and there I try to create a sense of being right there instead of off looking through a fence getting pictures of a ship in the distance. This will include science and maritime photography. The last would be the digital work and have been experimenting with it and have found it emotionally satisfying. I am new though to shows, and have only two solo shows to my credit. One was in 2004 here in Pensacola, I currently have a ( 35 works hung, 2 month, plus prints and sculptures ) solo show in the Keystone Art and Culture Center in Lancaster Pennsylvania and am on permanent display at the Carroll Street cafe in Atlanta. Coming soon is the Virginia Woolf festival and the opening of the White Heron Gallery in Dunn NC where I will a permanent gallery artist and also taking custom orders there as well. More galleries to come. I also like to present a slide show of my work to do two things. First I believe it gives sense of originality or truth as they are raw slides and un-edited. Also, I can teach and inform the participants about several areas of Antarctica not known until you drive an icebreaker for ten years such as weather, navigation hindrances, points of interest both scientific and touristy I show ice in many different forms and ages, talk about the daily routine of being on an icebreaker for months at a time in Antarctica and the challenges of photographing the coldest and windiest continent on earth. I have been published many times in science journals and books to include the National Science Foundations yearly planner. I have one major award to speak of. It was a 3rd place from the New York Institute of Photography, digital photography award, open division. It was my first contest and was in 2004 as well. Open to all opportunities for an art show or festival. John Higdon WWW.HigdonPhoto.com