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Jennifer JONES
About the author

Jennifer Jones also known as Rebellina was born and raised in the small town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The youngest of three and the only girl born into her father’s side of the family in over 40 years. Jennifer's earliest artistic inspiration came from her brother Michael who drew R2D2 in his closet. Jennifer recalls her mother sitting with her for hours, doodling stick figure people and creating a world for them. Jennifer started off as a dancer at the age of three, taking group and private classes for many hours each week. Around age 11 she took up figure skating. It came very natural for her because of the dance background. She competed in both, dance and figure skating competitions, winning regional awards. Pulling from her many years of various artistic surroundings Jennifer decided that, as momentary as ballet was, it could be brought to life in a tangible form to view and experience again and again. For her, it’s all about the emotions. She can look at her paintings, and recall exactly what the subject made her feel in that moment. The subject, the music, the colors and the emotions contribute and dictate the overall appearance of these inspirational and unique paintings. She uses many styles of music all based around the subject. She paints mostly with acrylic however she also brings in other materials such as pastels, oils, watercolors, and charcoal, done mostly on canvas. Sometimes on 1/4" plywood or illustration boards, and sometimes she does some on thick card stock paper with black ink. She is expanding her technique and would like to try other materials, forms of dance and shoes such as tap and ballroom. She would also like to collaborate with other dancers and painters. Jennifer very well could be an important part of art history combining the elements of music dance and painting while pouring her heart and emotions into every step. It's a new form of art and expression. She has coined it “Dances on canvas”. Her nickname Rebellina comes from her rebellious personality and her defiance toward conventional art and life. Jennifer spent years in relationships with a couple successful musicians and one artist whom she later married. Surrounded by different forms of art she had a wide variety of knowledge to pull from. Traveling the world on tour and also as a model Jennifer has a full spectrum of life experiences. She spent many years watching her former husband paint sculpt illustrate storyboard and do video effects for film and TV as Jennifer would be his second pair of eyes. Prior to becoming a full time artist, Jennifer started off teaching figure skating, and then moved on to modeling and acting. Tragically her dance career was cut very short when she was in a car accident. She moved to Los Angeles in the late 90's and opened a visual effects and production studio with her former husband. Jennifer credits the life altering factors for her art! "I wouldn't be this motivated to do anything outside of dance if I didn't have to find my own way to continue with my passion beyond conventional dance methods." Jennifer's philosophy for life and art, "it's all about love and passion, I hold strong and true to the person I am! Not everyone understands me but as long as they know I'm here simply to love and create that's all anyone needs to know. I never let go of the people I love and lost they are forever in my heart. They are the true inspiration for my art and who I am today. If I loved you once I will love you forever." Jennifer will be starting her second series of three paintings based on one subject in the coming weeks.