Jill Moser


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Jill Moser
About the author

Jill Moser is an artist whose work explores the intersections of painting, writing, and the animated image. Her paintings, drawings, prints, and artist's books have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Europe, and featured in prominent collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, The National Gallery of Art, The Yale University Art Gallery, The Fogg Art Museum, and The National Library of France. She has worked collaboratively on projects with poets, artists, designers, and architects including Charles Bernstein, Laurie Sheck, Major Jackson and Anna Maria Hong. She has also made numerous print editions, most recently with Jungle Press, Brand X, and Manneken Press. She has taught at Princeton University, Virginia Commonwealth University, SUNY, and The School of Visual Arts and lectured across the United States. She lives and works in New York.  “Moser (has) transformed the esthetic dilemma of abstract painting- the tension between order and chaos, being and nothingness- into a unified totality. Neither side is scanted, neither is subordinated to the other because both have a right to be present on the canvas and to fight for control of space. Equilibrium and harmony are concepts difficult to reconcile with violence and passion, but that is exactly what these works accomplish” - Alfred Mac Adam, “Jill Moser”, Art News, Summer 2012