Jacqueline Dee Parker


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Jacqueline Dee Parker
About the author

A mixed media painter and a poet, Jacqueline Dee Parker’s work is inspired by the correspondence between these art forms. She views collage as a mode of perception, and finds that it facilitates her exploration of language, history, and ephemera. Her work evolves as a visceral construction of psychic and emotional space. Parker was born in New York City and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. She has served as an instructor at Louisiana State University since 1993, and taught in the Department of English before joining the School of Art in 2003. Prior to life in Louisiana, she lived and worked as a freelance graphic layout artist in New York City, Boston, and Detroit. Her poems appear in journals and anthologies, including Atlanta Review, E-Ratio, The Southern Review, and Chelsea, among others. Her visual work resides in private and public collections around the US.